How to deal with “Cash App payment pending” status?

When you make a payment through Cash App, it is ought to be received instantly. However, sometimes, when the receiver checks his feed, what he sees is that the payment status is pending. In this scenario, he does not understand how to deal with this situation. So, if you are also seeing Cash App payment pending on your Cash App account, then you should read this article till the last and make sure that you apply the solutions that we have mentioned in the forthcoming sections.

Cash App payment pending

The most unfortunate situation is when the money has been deducted from your account but the receiver has not received it. Meanwhile, there are some situations when the money has also not been deducted but the Cash App user continuously fears that the money will soon deduct from his account and the status would remain pending even after that.

Hence, in the article below, we will try to understand the whole situation deeply by investigating more about different topics.

What does it mean when a Cash App payment is pending?

As already said, Cash App payments are completed on an instantaneous basis. Therefore, if your payment is showing a pending status, then this means that the specific transaction needs to be taken immediate action upon. If you do not take an action, you may not be able to get the deducted money back. Therefore, we recommend you take immediate action when you see the transaction status as pending.

Why is my Cash App payment pending?

Your Cash App payment may be pending in case the money could not go successfully from your account to the receiver’s account. This could happen due to the bank server-related issue or when there is an issue with Cash App itself. Apart from this, the issue can also build up due to a problem with the receiver’s bank account. If the Cash App payment pending status continues to show up for longer, then you should immediately take an action to get this issue fixed.

How long does a pending payment take on Cash App?

If you are seeing your payment on Cash App pending, then you should wait for a few minutes for its status to turn successful. Apart from this, if the payment status is still pending, then you should wait for 3-4 business days to get it successful. Although, there is no fixed timing for this, however, you should not wait longer than 7 days to get the issue resolved.

How to cancel payments which are pending on Cash App?

You can cancel a pending payment on Cash App only if the option is still available for that payment. However, you may not be able to cancel a pending payment until Cash App has taken action to settle it in the receiver’s account. Here’s how you can cancel a payment:

  1. Go through the Cash App login process
  2. At the bottom of the page, click on the “Activity (clock-like) icon
  3. Select the payment that is showing pending
  4. Now, you need to click on the three dots at the top
  5. Then, look for the option to cancel the transaction
  6. Next up, you need to click on the “Cancel” option
  7. If you do not see the option, then it means Cash App will soon complete this transaction.

Cash App payment completed but not received

If you have made a transaction from Cash App, the payment got completed, but you get to know that the receiver has not received it, then it might be a cause of worry for you. Well, this usually happens when you send the payment to the wrong person. In case you mistype the details of the receiver, then the payment may be complete but it would be sent to the wrong person’s account. You can verify the details of the payment by navigating to the “Activity” tab of your account.

How do I accept pending payment on Cash App?

  1. Launch Cash App on your device
  2. Go to the “Activity” tab at the bottom
  3. Navigate to the “Pending” tab
  4. Right under it, you will the payment that needs to be accepted
  5. Click on the green-colored “Accept” button
  6. Followed by this, click “Confirm” and “Done” on the following screen


Your doubts about Cash App payment pending should be clear by reading this article thoroughly. If you still have doubts about your account or the way to activate the Cash App card, then you can speak to an expert to clear out your queries. Before using Cash App, make sure that you understand the complexities that are involved in using digital payment apps.

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