Fix Cash App Keeps crashing on android and ios

Square Inc. launched its child company and named it Cash App, and made transfer or movement of funds among peers the main purpose of the App. It also functions similar to a bank account and provides debit cards that are issued by them, named Cash Cards. However, since it’s an app that is man-made and is a technical software product users are often found looking to fix Cash App keeps crashing Android and iOS issue.

cash app keeps crashing

A few of the apps’ benefits include sending out money, splitting bills with your friends, and sharing utilities with your peers. Besides this, there are several other money transactions that you can make with other Cash App users. But, since being a technical service is prone to encounter trouble, let’s move on and find out ways to fix the problem along with the steps involved with login, and adding money to your account.

The login procedure

Before moving to fix Cash App keeps crashing android and iOS issue, follow the below-listed steps (for mobile users) to create an account for further login feasibility:

  1. Open the app store or play store on your phone.
  2. Search, download and install Cash App on your device.
  3. Look for and go to the “Sign in” option on the app.
  4. Type in and submit the asked information.
  5. On receiving an email, sign in with the Cash App code.
  6. Connect the app to your bank account.
  7. Settle on a $Cashtag (unique username).
  8. Finish with providing your zip code.

Note: $Cashtag are unique usernames for other cash app users to send you money easily after you’ve completed your Cash App login.

Adding funds to the account

It is very unlikely to look for ways to fix Cash App keeps crashing Android and iOS issue, even before you’ve added money to your account. However, you know you cannot avoid it by “not adding any funds”, so here are the steps you have to follow to add money to Cash App:

  1. Launch Cash App and go for the Banking tab.
  2. Then, go for the option that reads “Add Cash”.
  3. Set an appropriate amount and hit on “Add”.
  4. Confirm and finish with your Touch ID or passcode.

My cash app keeps closing on iPhone and Android

Even though it’s a given that the responsibility to fix cash app keeps crashing Android and iOS issues lie on the app developer, it is not always his/her fault. It has also been noted that the operating systems themselves can contribute to the crashing of Cash App. Here is a list of very common things you can do to fix these crashes:

  • Keep installing and updating your operating systems.
  • Keep an eye on Cash App updates and install them on arrival.
  • Reboot your device and re-launch the application.
  • Uninstall and re-install Cash App on your mobile device.

If you still have difficulty with a smooth and effective Cash App experience or you haven’t been able to fix cash app keeps crashing android and iOS issue, do not hesitate to contact their customer support team via a web browser or phone number that is available all over the Internet.


Cash App was launched by Square Inc. with the vision to provide peer-to-peer money transferring digital platform that is similar to a bank but is much easier. It provides users with $Cashtag on account creation, which are unique usernames allotted to every Cash App member to make sending money more feasible. It offers debit cards, issued by the company, known as cash cards. This read consists of the login procedure and adding money to your account along with crashing issues and ways to fix Cash App keeps crashing Android and iOS. In the end, it is suggested that even after following the above-mentioned steps you have trouble, contact their support team for a quick resolution.

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