How do I fix PayPal error code 15005?

If you are a regular PayPal user, then you might have come across some error messages while you try to make payments from it. One such error message that has become a nightmare for several people is PayPal error 15005. Well, this is an error code that you may see in this form:

PayPal error 15005

“Transaction declined: 15005-this transaction cannot be processed”

So, if you are also someone for whom this error message has become a headache, you may try to use the solutions listed in this post. Apart from this, the article also contains some of the possible reasons why you are facing this issue while using PayPal for making transactions.

Factors responsible for PayPal declined 15005 error

Those users who are seeing an error message like this- PayPal declined 15005, 15006: Processor Decline or 15007: Processor Decline must note that these errors are caused due to the information that a user has entered while making the transaction. For this error message,

  • It is the user who is totally responsible for it because any request with incorrect financial details is not entertained by PayPal under any circumstances.
  • In addition to that, there could be another reason for the same viz. your card issuer has declined the truncation.
  • Or, the card you are using has been expired.
  • The said error is also an outcome of the AVS decline. This generally takes place when the billing address does not match or correspond to the card issuer’s details available on the file.
  • Else, there is a possibility that the card-issuing bank has declined the transaction because of insufficient funds.
  • Besides this, your bank might have put a hold on your card or has flagged it due to suspicious activities.

Solutions to fix PayPal declined 15005 error

  • If you are seeing this error message repeatedly, then there is a possibility that you are using an expired card to make the transaction.
  • In this scenario, what you can do is ask your bank to issue you another card.
  • If you are sure that your card has not expired, then you must contact your bank and ask them why you are not able to make the transaction and help you find out a remedy for the same.
  • Apart from this, you can also use someone else’s card to complete the transaction.
  • In case you are still seeing the error and need to have more insights on the same, then you must contact PayPal Business Support for further assistance.
  • Moreover, merchants can also ask the buyer to switch to another funding source.


We have successfully discussed the possible factors responsible for PayPal error 15005 along with the solutions to fix the issue. After reading this post from the beginning till the end, you will be able to get rid of the error message and be able to complete the transaction.

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