How to delete a Venmo account?

Venmo has been in the spotlights for a long time now. It is considered to be the easiest and the fastest way for the “peer-to-peer” movement of money on a digital platform. The brand later extended their services to making payments and splitting bills (selected merchants and outlets) either by the app itself, or the debit card issued by them (after you activate Venmo Card). But, however great the app is with its services, there are tons of reasons that sometimes require you to delete Venmo account. So let’s move ahead and discuss it further.

delete Venmo account

Reasons for deleting a Venmo account

The Venmo app is extremely feasible and effective but, as mentioned above, there are tons of reasons why you might want to go through the “Delete Venmo Account” procedure. The very common reasons are listed below:

  • Inactive on the digital wallet platforms after having an account for long.
  • Want to try or shift to other digital wallets available in the market.
  • Just do not want to use any apps for sending and receiving money at all.

Deleting your Venmo account

There might be other reasons why you’d want to delete Venmo account, but in any case, you’ll have to undergo the following steps:

  1. Get into your Venmo account with your account credentials.
  2. Go for “Incomplete” and ensure there is no incomplete transaction.
  3. Ensure transferring Venmo balance (if any) to your bank account.
  4. Now, go to the “Settings” option link and move forward.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and hit on “Close my Venmo Account”.
  6. Move to check the final email by Venmo in your mailbox.


  • You have to use a desktop/computer to delete Venmo account.
  • In case you have an account balance at the time of the deleting procedure, it is supposed to get transferred directly to the registered bank account, or the initial senders. But, if that doesn’t happen, you’ll have to get in touch with the brand’s customer support.

Delete bank account Venmo

Sometimes, you do not have to/want to delete Venmo account, but just the bank account that is linked to it. The most common reason for it the debit and credit card norms set by the brand. If you have your debit cards linked all your transactions are free of all costs. However, linking your credit cards has a certain pre-determined cost associated with it for all the transactions. So here’s how you can delete or unlink your bank account from the Venmo account:

  1. Go to the Venmo app on your mobile or their official site from a desktop.
  2. Look for and get into the “Menu” option link (depicted by three lines).
  3. Now, go to the option that says- “Payment Methods”.
  4. Decide on which account you want to unlink and hit on it.
  5. Now, hit on “Remove” and then again, “Remove Bank”.


Venmo is known for being extremely feasible and the fastest peer-to-peer (P2P) money-transferring app for the digital age. You can add your cards to make payments or split bills directly through your Venmo account. It’s amazing but it isn’t for everyone. A lot of your would, for some reason, want to delete Venmo account. This is why the steps to do the same in mentioned above. While you’re at it, try ensuring you’ve transferred your Venmo account balance to your bank account to make things easier. Also, there might be times when you’d want to remove your bank account from the Venmo account. Steps to which, are mentioned here too.

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