How to Return Product and Get Refund from eBay?

E-commerce platforms or online shopping portals have completely changed our shopping perspective and brought about a convenient shopping experience for the users. From strolling in the market to get our hands on different products to sitting in our houses and exploring a huge collection of things, we have come a long way. Today, the scenario is such that, we could get to see a plethora of online shopping platforms. However, despite the presence of these newly launched shopping platforms, eBay still comes at the top of the list.

eBay Refund

Not because of the collection of products they have on their website, but for the eBay Refund policy, they commit to. Due to their return and refund policies, eBay has managed to get a lot of appreciation from the users and it also has helped eBay to increase its user base. When users know that they could easily return a product if it does not meet their expectations, they shop with more peace of mind. However, one can only return and get a refund for a product if it meets the set eBay refund requirements.

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Which items can you return on eBay?

In different scenarios, you can easily return an item and get a refund for the same. So, the following cases can be considered by eBay in order to provide you with a refund:

  • In case you have received a damaged item
  • You did not receive the item you ordered and paid for
  • If the received item or product is not what is shown in the picture
  • When the description of the item does not match the actual product
  • Or, you have received a completely different or wrong product

In addition to that, if you have received an item that is completely fine but you seem to have changed your mind about keeping it, then also you can return it. However, it completely depends on the seller whether he is ready to provide you with the refund or not.

How do you return an item on eBay?

Well, there are a lot of users who do not know the correct procedure to return an item on eBay and initiate the refund process for the same. Such users can follow the steps that are listed below to get the process completed:

  1. Sign in to your eBay account
  2. Now, go to the “Purchase History” tab
  3. Select the product that you wish to return
  4. From the given options, select “Return this item”
  5. Select the correct reason why you are returning it
  6. Add the images in support of your product
  7. Click the “Send” button and wait for the request approval

If your return request gets approved, your item would be picked up by the courier partner and after verifying your request and the item, the refund would be initiated.

How long does it take to get a refund from eBay?

Now that you have initiated the return and the refund request has also been processed by the seller, you might be curious to know when would you get the refund in your account. Well, as soon as the product check or the verification is complete and the refund is initiated by the seller, then you can expect the refund to be credited to your linked account within 2-3 business days. However, if it takes more than the specified time, then you should wait at least 10 more days to get the refund amount credited. However, if you do not get the refund even then, you should contact eBay refund support or the seller directly.

What do I do if the eBay refund not received?

If you do not get the eBay refund on time and you have waited for enough time to receive the refund, then you should contact eBay support for the same. Else, you can also contact the seller and ensure that he has initiated the refund as per your request. If the seller does not respond to your request, you can always ask eBay to step in and get the matter resolved. Also, make sure that you have provided the correct bank details on the refund page.


According to the eBay refund policy, a user is sure to get a refund for the returned item if it meets the Money back guarantee policy. You simply need to ensure that you have gone through these requirements and the item you are returning is meeting the set requirements. If you believe that your money refund request is ethical, then you can expect a refund for the same within 2-3 business days after the seller has inspected the item and your request carefully.

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