How to reset Cash App Pin or change it?

The most used mobile payment service that is popular among us with the marketing name of Cash App is safe and laced with advanced security features. In addition to this, Cash App asks you to choose a security PIN and you need to provide it to confirm the payment process. This PIN is confidential and you need to provide it each time while going through the payment process. Cash App users are advised to keep changing the PIN on regular basis. People who are interested to change their Cash App card or Cash App PIN have visited the right page as we are going to discuss the way to reset Cash App PIN on this page.

reset Cash App Pin

Users of Cash App accounts can easily change the Cash App PIN by signing in to their account. One who is already logged in to the Cash App account can reset the Cash App PIN by visiting the privacy and security section of the Cash App account. Let’s move forward to discuss more about the process to reset Cash App PIN.

What is my Cash App PIN?

To verify the payment that you make via Cash App card or Cash App account, Cash App asks to provide the PIN details. This PIN authenticates the user identity and helps you to complete the payment using your Cash App account. The Cash App PIN is a security concern and you are suggested to keep it safe. Otherwise, you may lose your funds.

Where is a Cash App PIN?

The Cash App PIN is like a key to access your money. This PIN is asked to confirm the Cash App payment. You can choose a PIN for your Cash App account and card while setting up your profile. You can change the Cash App PIN by visiting the profile section of your account whenever you wish to do that.

How to reset Cash App card password?

To reset Cash App card password details, you need to approach the steps that are given below:

  1. Sign in to your Cash App login account
  2. Then, tap on the ‘Profile’ icon of your account
  3. Now, get and tap ‘Security and Privacy’ to proceed
  4. Find and tap the ‘Change PIN’ option
  5. Complete the security verification process
  6. Now, set a new PIN for your Cash App
  7. Then, click ‘Confirm’ to save new PIN details

Can I reset Cash App PIN without SSN?

While resetting the Cash App PIN, you need to verify the identity. To complete the identity verification, you need to provide your social security number. The SSN is a necessary detail to reset Cash App PIN and you may not be allowed to reset Cash App PIN without SSN.              

Why is my Cash App PIN not working?

Cash App PIN may not work if it has been changed by someone recently. If you have changed the PIN and you are using the old one to make a transaction then you need to use the current PIN of your account. Whenever you face this issue, you need to do the following:

  • Enter the PIN details correctly in the required field
  • If you have forgotten the PIN, reset Cash App PIN
  • Speak to the Cash App support agent

How to bypass Cash App PIN?

Well, bypassing the Cash App PIN is not possible. You need to provide the PIN details to make transactions using it. Once you lose the Cash App PIN, you are not eligible to send money, sell stocks, or perform any transactional activity with your Cash App account. However, you can set a new PIN for your Cash App account by approaching the steps that are given below:

  1. Open the Cash App application
  2. Login to your Cash App account
  3. Now, tap on the Cash App ‘Profile’ icon
  4. Get and tap the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option
  5. Then, tap on the ‘Change PIN’ option
  6. Now, you need to complete the identity verification
  7. Set a new PIN for your Cash App
  8. Now, you can use this PIN to make payments

Does Cash App have a password?

Yes, Cash App has a password and you need to provide it to access the Cash App. Make sure to type the password correctly. Otherwise, Cash App may reject your request to access it. If you have lost this password then you can choose a new password for your account.


To sum up, the Cash App PIN can be reset quickly if you have the username and password details of your account. For the people who are looking to reset Cash App PIN, we have described the complete process above on this page. In case you have not activated the Cash App card yet then you need to follow the path to activate the Cash App card. Hopefully, you have reset Cash PIN successfully with the help of this post.

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