How to sign up or login for Venmo?

Venmo is a US-based payments application launched by PayPal, where users can link their bank accounts, or bank cards to send and receive payments. This read will help you sign up for Venmo with and without phone numbers, with your Facebook contact list, and with PayPal (parent company). You’ll also get to know about an effective promotional tool launched by Venmo- bonus amount on signing up, along with the very common issue faced by a large share of the users. In addition to that you will learn the steps to change and recover your Venmo account so, let get to it.

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Sign up or login Venmo with Facebook

Initially, at the time of sign up for Venmo, users are asked to grant permission to the app of accessing their contact list. You can then invite contacts if you want or deny the access request. You can also let Venmo access your Facebook list to help you with the search results. All you have to do is go for the “Connect Facebook” option link and the rest will be taken care of.

Login to Venmo with PayPal

Being a PayPal product, Venmo transactions are managed similar to PayPal transactions. All your Venmo activities get recorded in PayPal and share the same rules for all transactions. Initially, any transaction made by Venmo will be identical to and other PayPal transactions and might get added with a special designation in the future as a Venmo activity or reporting.

Sign up for Venmo without phone number

Venmo is a mobile app that mandates users to register their phone numbers. However, you can sign up with a number, not in use and create an account but, you won’t be able to make any transactions before verifying the number. This is because a 5-digit code is sent to verify your identity before you complete your sign up for Venmo.

Venmo sign up with phone number

You have to register an in-use phone number to get the verification process completed and further make transactions from your account. Now, in case you haven’t completed the verification here’s what you have to do:

  1. Sign in or log in to your Venmo account and go for “Settings”.
  2. Change your phone number and re-enter it to move ahead.
  3. Wait to get the verification code and finish the procedure.

Venmo $10 sign up bonus

As Venmo is PayPal-owned, users are getting a $10 bonus with their PayPal account login. This is aimed to be a promotional tool for the times users do not have a PayPal account. You can get the instant bonus amount if you use the same credentials you used to sign up for Venmo account to sign up for PayPal.

Venmo login problems

Common problems after you sign up for Venmo account are entering invalid account credentials (account password) and this section of the read will help you with recovering your account:

  1. Get into the official page at
  2. Locate and hit on the “Forgot Password” key link.
  3. Provide the registered details you are asked for.
  4. Wait for the credential reset link in your mailbox.
  5. Hit on the link to set a new and strong password.

Note: You can also begin with getting into or


The above read will familiarize you with the smoothest and most convenient payment app in all of the United States. You’ll learn how to get your Facebook contacts linked to your account, how PayPal and Venmo accounts are integrated, whether you need a phone number to sign up for Venmo, what is the idea behind the sign-up bonus and easy steps to recover your account in case of forgotten password.


Do you need a bank account for Venmo?

Venmo is a convenient method of sending and receiving money through a mobile application. And to be able to do that users must link their bank accounts or bank cards to their Venmo accounts.

What kind of bank account do I need for Venmo?

Venmo doesn’t apply any additional charges for making online purchases, even for the times you use your credit cards. However, Venmo funds can be added with credit cards or checking accounts, and money transfers via Venmo can be done through credit cards, debit cards, prepaid debit cards, and a checking account. No matter what Venmo does not allow you to link any of your savings accounts.

How do I log into Venmo with a new phone number?

If you have a new number or you want to change the registered number, try to sign in with the help of your previously used phone or computer. This way you might be able to escape the security code step and move to “Settings”. Update your new number there and after the change has been saved you can log in easily with it.

How do I recover my Venmo account?

To recover your account you will have to visit their official website and choose to go to the “Forgot Password?” option. Follow the prompts and wait to get the reset link. Then set a new password for your Venmo account and try signing in again.

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