How to transfer funds from Amazon gift card to PayPal?

Amazon gift cards have recently become the latest trend in the field of gifting options because you can use them to buy just anything from the applicable online or offline stores. So, if you have recently received your Amazon gift card and you wish to add it to your PayPal balance, then the straightforward answer to this question is that you cannot add or transfer your gift card funds to PayPal.

amazon gift card to paypal

However, you can apply some other techniques to get this done. Once you are done with the process which I am going to explain below, you will be able to use the funds available in your gift card with your PayPal balance.

Now, you must be wondering how this impossible task can be completed? Well, this task can be easily completed by adding your gift card as the payment method in your PayPal account. However, most of us are unaware of this technique and we have tried to guide such users in the later section of this post. But, before that, we will try to learn some more details about it.

Can you transfer Amazon gift card balance to PayPal?

No, you cannot really transfer your Amazon gift card balance to PayPal. Well, there is a reason behind this why you cannot use an Amazon gift card with PayPal. Initially, when PayPal came into existence, it was a part of eBay. And, one important thing to note here is that eBay and Amazon are two e-commerce giants who are each other’s opponents and they were in tough competition at that time. However, when PayPal and eBay parted ways, it did not put an end to their rivalry.

In addition to this, PayPal and Amazon have once again become competitors because Amazon has now started its very own payment service which is known as Amazon Pay. Thus, due to this competition between the two payment applications has resulted this and you eventually cannot transfer funds from Amazon gift card to PayPal.

So, in the section below, we are going to have a discussion on how you can use and transfer the amount from an Amazon gift card to PayPal. Here’s how.

How to add a gift card to PayPal?

In order to add your Amazon gift card to PayPal, you will not need your PayPal sign up details:

  1. First of all, you need to visit the PayPal page and log in to your account
  2. After this, you need to go to the tab which is labeled as “Wallet”
  3. This tab is usually available on the home screen of PayPal
  4. Next up, you need to select the option reading as “link a debit or credit card”
  5. Here, you can tap on the option which says “Link a card manually”
  6. Right there on this page, you need to choose the gift card option
  7. Followed by this, enter the gift card details such as CVV, Card number, expiry date, etc.
  8. Now, follow the instructions that appear on your screen and you’re done

Hopefully, you were able to transfer funds from Amazon gift card to PayPal by using this quick and easy process.


As it is clear from this post, you cannot use Amazon funds with PayPal through any direct method. However, you need to choose the other way round using which you can easily use your Amazon gift card balance with PayPal. If you found this post helpful, you can check out different articles given on our site and increase your knowledge to deal with finances in today’s world.

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