All about Android Pay: How to Use Android Pay?

Android Pay is a mobile payment service currently known as Google Pay. It has been developed by Google to make mobile payment easier and secure. If you are looking for a good mobile payment service then Android Pay would be the right choice for you. Getting started with Android Pay is easy and simple. So, if you are looking to know the method of how to use Android Pay then you are on the right page. In this post, you will learn about how does android pay works and how you can use its services and features.

How to Use Android Pay

How does Android Pay Work?

It uses NFC communication to process a secure credit/debit card transaction between your smartphone and the payment terminal. You can send money to another person who is also using the same technology as Android Pay. It allows you to scan the user details or you can use their registered mobile to make payment directly to them. It required your bank account’s ATM credentials to deduct the money from your account. You can set a security PIN that will be required to enter while processing your transaction.

Once the transaction will be finished then you will get a confirmation message from Android Pay that the transaction has been completed successfully.

How to use Android Pay?

In this topic, we will then discuss the method to use Android Pay. We have divided the complete method into few simple steps. So, look at the steps and keep following:

  1. Visit App/ Play Store on your mobile device
  2. Search for Android Pay (Google Pay) by typing in the search bar
  3. Click on Download once you find it
  4. Wait for some time until it does not complete the downloading process
  5. Launch it on your device once it completes the installation process
  6. Now, enter your mobile number that should be linked with your bank account
  7. Then, verify it by entering the OTP that has been sent on your mobile number
  8. Choose your bank and try to add it (you may have to take permission from your bank for this process but don’t worry as you can do it by sending a message directly to your bank.)
  9. Add your debit or credit card to your Android Pay account by entering your card details like card number and CVV
  10. You can synchronize your contacts with Android Pay to make payment directly to your contacts
  11. Scan or enter the mobile number of another Android Pay user
  12. Then, navigate to process the payment by entering the security PIN and the transfer amount
  13. While making payment don’t try to leave the payment page it may cause trouble to your fund transfer
  14. Once the payment will be completed then you will be notified via SMS or prompt notifications
  15. Finally, you have made payment using Android Pay mobile payment services

Note: Do not share your OTP and ATM details with anyone because it can put you at risk. Try to create a strong password for your Android Pay mobile app.


In short, Android Pay is a mobile payment service that has been developed by Google. Its user-friendly interface and secure payment method make it the most preferable mobile payment service. In this post we have explained the working and using method of Android Pay; go through it as it will be very helpful for you all to learn about Android Pay.

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