How to solve the “PayPal cannot process payment” issue?

Those users who have been using PayPal might have come across this error message that they will not be able to carry forward their transactions due to some reasons. This issue comes with a specific error message that ” We are not able to process your payment […] at this time”. This message generally arrives on your screen when PayPal could not recognize your account or has trouble connecting it.

PayPal cannot process payment

However, if you try to go through the in-depth details about the same error, you will eventually find it easy to fix. Some PayPal errors cannot be resolved easily while some of them are easy to fix. However, by the end of this article, you will realize that this issue is not so hard to resolve. So, you can give this article a read till the end if you want to get rid of the error “PayPal unable to process payment at this time” immediately.

Some quick methods to resolve the issue

Although, there is no specific way to fix this error, at the same time you can try some of the solutions given below to fix this error without any further ado. But, before you can try any of the following methods, you must log in to your PayPal account at Once you are logged in successfully, go ahead and try these methods:

  • Solution 1-first of all you need to make sure and verify that you are using a valid account that has already been verified by PayPal. In case your account is not verified, then you must get it verified as soon as possible.
  • Solution 2-once you are sure that your account is valid and verified and you have not provided any fraudulent information over it, then you should try and remove all those linked credit cards that have reached their expiry date.
  • Solution 3-after removing all the credit cards from your account, you need to remove all the email addresses that you no longer use. This will help PayPal recognize which account you are currently using.
  • Solution 4-apart from trying all these solutions, one more thing you can do in order to get rid of the “PayPal cannot process payment” error is removing all the physical addresses that have become invalid.
  • Solution 5-in case none of the above-given solutions work, the last thing you can do is clear or delete the cookies from your device. This would help to delete all the unwanted files or cookies related to PayPal eventually cleaning the cookies directory. Once you clean the cookies, you need to go through the registration process once again.
  • Solution 6-try logging out and then log in again to your PayPal account and see if it helps.


The PayPal error – sorry we are unable to process your payment should have been resolved by now. If not, you need to get in touch with the support executives of PayPal so that they can help you with eliminating this error if it is arriving again and again. However, you need to make sure that you follow each instruction given in each method carefully. In addition to this, you should also make sure that you are not making any duplicate payments and review your transaction details to avoid hurdles.

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