7 Proven tips to fix issues with Google Pay:

Google Pay is a digital payment platform that offers contactless transactional services through credit card, debit card, and unified payment interface. In this technological era, everything is going online or digital. Most of us prefer to make payments online despite giving cash. As it is easy safe and it takes few minutes to transfer your money. So in this article, we are going to talk about possible reasons behind Google Pay not working.

Google Pay Not Working

 Google Pay has been developed by Google to help people transferring their money to their friends, relatives, or to businesses through its highly secured 128-bit SSL-protected payment system. Google Pay offers payment services such as Money Transfer, Mobile Recharge, Bill Payments, etc, and also it gives exciting offers for every transaction.

Reasons behind Google Pay Not Working:

  1. Account Incompleteness
  2. Network or bank server error
  3. Credit or Debit Card error
  4. Google Pay server may be under maintenance
  5. Insufficient funds in your bank account

7 Proven tips to fix issues with Google Pay:

While using a Google Pay account you may suffer from some issues related to the Google Pay account. And thus you will not be able to send or receive money as your Google Pay contactless not working. So you need not be panic about it because we are going to give you some proven tips by following them you will be able to reuse your Google Pay account properly.

Tip 1: Add a mobile number linked to your bank account

To use a Google Pay account you need to provide your bank account number and then you will need to verify it. Make sure you have entered the right mobile number. After adding this mobile number a message will be sent to your bank to verify that you own this account or not.

Tip 2: Check recharge of your linked mobile number

To verify your bank account a massage has been sent directly to the bank with your mobile number. This process takes a massage courier charge and your number must be recharged earlier. So please confirm that you have sufficient balance to send a message or not.

Tip 3: Check your network connection or try to change the SIM slot number

Check your internet connectivity because it is much possible that you are facing a slow internet problem and thus your account may be showing, Google Pay not working issue. Else you can try changing your SIM slot number make sure that you are using your number SIM 1 slot if not please switch to slot no 1.

Tip 4: Check your bank account or card (Credit, Debit) details

Providing wrong banking information could result in Google Pay contactless not working. So check all the details carefully such as account name & number, card number, and CVV information. If you find any, missing information kindly provide it.

Tip 5: Remove cache files & Clear data from your Google Pay application

When we use the application for a long time it generates cache files automatically so all you to do is go to Setting>Apps>Clear Data>Clear cache and thus you clear all unnecessary files which were stored in your application.

Tip 6: Clear all data or Update your Application

We will suggest you clear the stored data of your application. To do that go to Settings>Apps>Clear Data>Clear all data and thus you will clear all the data from your application. Now go to the application and follow the instruction properly. Or you can update your application from the google play store.

Tip 7: Share a screenshot of the issue with Google Pay

 If still you are facing an issue with your account kindly go into the Help & Support section of your application and share your issue with Google Pay directly. They will provide you with it in 24hrs or to learn more about Google pay follow this link https://pay.google.com


We have shared all the common reasons behind Google Pay not working and also provided the best possible solution to related problems. If still, you are facing any issues kindly visit the official website to get more information.

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