Want to buy less than one Bitcoin? Here’s what you should know

If you have been looking for an answer to the question if you can buy less than one Bitcoin and how much will be buying a Bitcoin cost, then you have arrived at the right platform. Here, we shall have an in-depth discussion on the same topics. Before, we move on to our focus question “Can I buy less than one Bitcoin”? we shall learn what a Bitcoin is.

Want to buy one Bitcoin

What is a Bitcoin?

Well, a Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that is not available in its physical form but in virtual form. The mining of Bitcoins is done by using blockchain technology and each blockchain contains the information related to the digital currency you have purchased. The price of Bitcoin keeps on fluctuating. That is why, sometimes, it might be fruitful to you and sometimes not. However, manay people still wish to invest in it, obviously to gain profit. To buy this form of cryptocurrency, you need to have an account on one of the cryptocurrency platforms.

Can you buy less than one Bitcoin?

Well, the answer to this question is yes. A buyer can buy less than one Bitcoin but there are some pre-conditions to it. You can buy as low as 1 Satoshi which is equal to 0.00000001 Bitcoins. However, this is not possible because several platforms have their own rules. For example, if you want to buy BTC on Coinbase, you need to make a minimum spend of $2. Now, the question is, what is the cost of Bitcoin today?

How much does a Bitcoin cost?

As of 28th January 2021, the cost of Bitcoin is $31,502.30 however, this price keeps on fluctuating. Therefore, you cannot say exactly what the price of a Bitcoin would be in the future. So, if you want to invest in Bitcoin, here is a simple guide for you. Make sure you follow each step correctly so that you do not meet any problem on the way.

The method to buy Bitcoin

After knowing “How much does a Bitcoin cost?” it is time to know the method to buy less than one Bitcoin. To buy 0.5 Bitcoins or 0.02 Bitcoins, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Bitcoin platform.
  2. Create an account on it.
  3. After you create an account and log in to it, select ‘Buy Bitcoin.’
  4. Choose the amount of BTC you want to purchase.
  5. Make sure you enter the correct amount.
  6. After that, choose the currency with which you wish to buy Bitcoins e.g. USD.
  7. Choose a suitable method.
  8. Check for the available offers.
  9. Tap on the ‘Buy’ button.
  10. That’s it! You have successfully purchased Bitcoin now.


To conclude, we can say that an interested buyer can buy less than one Bitcoin if he wishes to. But the minimum price for which you want to buy Bitcoin may vary from platform to platform. Apart from this, you can always check the current price of Bitcoin on the Internet and see for yourself what is the correct time to invest.

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