Strolling through the Zelle transfer limit guidelines

Zelle was ideated to make money movement easier and efficient among your peers or just a few important people in your lives. Its business strategy takes on partnering with several different banks and financial institutions to help in facile and instant money transactions. Across the United States, Zelle has been added to several banking applications by legit banks and credit unions. One added benefit of being a part of the Zelle family is that you can move your funds directly from your bank accounts to the recipient’s bank accounts even if both accounts are with separate US-based banks. However, with all these exclusive services, there is an active Zelle transfer limit that will be discussed in the following read. You will get a clear insight into all the little aspects of its transfer limit and some of the limits with different banks for your reference.

What is the Zelle daily?

Zelle daily is a direct reference to every day’s Zelle Transfer limit that has been set by the brand. And of course, it is impossible for you to transfer more money than the fixed limit through the application. There are different limits issued by different financial institutions and that is probably because of the terms and conditions that Zelle came to an agreement with them.

Weekly and monthly transfer limits for Zelle

Zelle offers a fixed or limited amount to be sent via its platform on a daily or a monthly basis. The weekly Zelle transfer limits haven’t been set by them yet. However, if your bank doesn’t offer Zelle, you can transfer up to $500 every week. And to know the Zelle transfer limit (daily and monthly) move on with the read but, also consider getting in touch with your bank or the financial institution for better understanding.

Limits set by Zelle for top US banks for transfers

Zelle is known for providing the most convenient payment transfer services to users by not mandating them to link their bank accounts with any other third-party service. This is the major reason why users prefer using the app even when there’s a Zelle transfer limit enforced. Users who exceed the transfer limit and still have a few transactions to make are suggested to go for other payment applications (i.e., competition such as PayPal, Venmo and the like). Now, let’s take a look at the list of limits set by some of the top US Banks (for instance, Zelle transfer limit Bank of America, Zelle transfer limit Wells Fargo, Chase, Capital One, Citibank, PNC Bank, TD Bank, etc.):

Bank of America $2500/day $20000/month
Wells Fargo $2500/day $4000/month
TD Bank $1000/day, $2500/day with 3 days’ waiting period ·         Instant transfers up to $5000/month

·         Transfer up to $10000/month within a waiting period of 3 days

Capital One $2000/day Up to $10000/month
Citibank ·         $100/day (customers with accounts of 90 days old and less)

·         Other than that, depending upon the account type the payment limit can be between $2000/day to $5000/day

·         $5000/month (customers with accounts of 90 days old and less)

·         Can be between $10000/month to $15000/month depending upon the account type

PNC Bank $1000/day $5000/month
Chase Bank ·         Liquid cards and Personal checking accounts have $2000/day limits

·         Business checking accounts and Private Client’s accounts have $5000/day limits

Send between $16000/month to $40000/month
U. S. Bank Between $1000/day to $2500/day Between $5000/month to $10000/month


The above read here introduces you to a very convenient financial service brand- Zelle that provides the easiest and instantaneous way of transferring or moving funds. It has been associated or partnered with tons of banks and credit unions in the US. And this is to maximize the utility of all the clients of those concerned banks with transferring money to their peers. This read specifically focuses on one of their criterion- the Zelle transfer limit (daily, weekly and monthly limits set for different banks in the United States). Know all about the transfer limits set by Zelle for transactions made from a few of the top US Banks with the necessary criteria.

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